Automatic Double Watch Winder for Rolex operates with one Key to Automatically Run The Mute LED Light Effect Black




  • 1. watch winder has a silent design adopting a new design architecture which fully reduces the load of the motor and makes it run more quietly.
  • 2. automatic watch winder lighting design open the cover to automatically turn on the enclosure lights and automatically extinguish after two minutes without manual adjustment.
  • 3. watch winder for automatic watches is designed to run automatically without manual adjustment of gears. It works automatically when turned on and supports 99% of watches on the market to wind up.
  • 4. watch winder 2 is the best size design with the smallest size of two meters on the market so it is easy to take and put the watch.
  • 5. watch winder box supports battery operation and adopts three battery working model tests so that the standby time is longer.